Hallmarking is the independent verification of precious metal content. You can be assured that Alison Crowe Jewellery has been independently verified by the London Assay office at Goldsmiths Hall in the City of London.

All items over 7.78 grams in weight have been laser-stamped with my own unique ‘ADC’ hallmark. The hallmark is only applied after the item has been assayed to determine that its purity conforms not only to the standards set down by the law but also with my claims as to metallurgical content.

In jewellery manufacture, precious metals are not used in their purest forms and instead are alloyed with other metals to ensure that they are sufficiently robust for everyday wear. Hallmarking allows my customers to identify the precious metal make-up of a jewellery piece. It is not possible to discern by sight or touch alone what the precious metal of an alloy is, and so the hallmark is your assurance of the quality of the Sterling .925 and Fine Silver .999 I use.